2011 m. spalio 28 d., penktadienis

24asis Dovydo ruduo


su gimtadieniu, Dovydai! :*

belaukiant parke su degtukais rankoj :)
waiting in the park with matches in my hand :)

2011 m. spalio 27 d., ketvirtadienis

Spain. Part I - Torremolinos

Last night I had a dream about Spain and I think it's time to start posting photos from this trip :))
My family and I were in Andalusia in September, we visited Torremolinos, Marbella, Granada, Ronda, Gibraltar, Sevilla. Hmm I think that's all. Not much, as I look at that list of cities :)) but I've seen a lot, and I strongly recommend you to do that as well!

number 5 is my favourite. I'm often looking for it on purpose :) I was lucky to find it on that beautiful wall.

iš tikro nukepiau užpakalį čia prisėdusi... sesuo to žvygtelėjimo ir sukrutėjimo neužfiksavo :)))

lovely pigeons 

that sign made me laugh...don't shit on my country, right! 

very very cute old man

stranger with a lovely puppy

 drank sangria and ate delicious ice cream (haha, I wrote ice dream at first :)) ) at this heladeria.